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Love & Care for your body, mind & soul that is your precious gift.

Love & Care for the Earth...

as that is from which the necessities of life are created.


Be the change you wish to see in the World.



EarthSong  is an exclusive range of luxurious, organic and natural aromatherapy beauty care and natural home products with a Vintage Apothecary base. They are handmade with love and care for the Earth and personal wellbeing, using only the most effective, certified, pure, organic and natural tree, seed, leaf and flower essential and carrier oils blended together or combined with distilled water, natural soya wax or crystal sea salt, to nourish, rehydrate, repair, or regenerate skin and soothe, calm or uplift ones emotions.

All of the Earthsong products have a powerful dual action, working effectively on both the physical and emotional levels because they are made using Natures powerful essential oils, which have been proven through the ages for their remedial action, as well as their aromamatic, therapeutic effect on ones mood and mental well being.

The range has been carefully formulated to contain NO harmful synthetic, chemicals, preservatives/parabens, petroleum based mineral oils / paraffinum liquidum, propellants, dispersants, artificial colourants or synthetic perfumes which may build up toxins in the body or in the Earth and our precious water and air sources.

Mother Nature provides all the ingredients necessary for moisturising,  repairing and regenerating skin without any harmful side effects if blended correctly, as well as having the most beautiful of aromatic natural fragrances and colouring. Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant and preservative, while Tea Tree is a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-septic guard.The oils are mostly easily absorbed and are non greasy, leaving the skin silky, and soft.

All the containers are beautiful, functional glass and can be re-used, re-filled and if necessary re-cycled. The trims are either handmade from modelling clay or made by Nature and tied with hemp or jute string.

All ingredients are sourced locally in South Africa, where ever possible, with a primary concern for organic sustainability, fair trade and community empowerment.

EarthSong products will never be tested on animals nor will any animal ingredient or derivatives be used. They are suitable for vegans.

EarthSong supports Greenpeace, Safeage, Peta, Animal Anti-cruelty league, RSA, Soil for Life and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics .

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